Looking at objects under a microscope gives a whole new perspective on everyday objects.

We may discover that something we thought was smooth is actually covered in little scratches.

Or something you thought was round actually has angles and straight edges.

A pocket microscope is a battery operated microscope you can hold in the palm of your hand.

And Carson brand MicroBrite pocket microscope is one of the best out there.

It uses an LED light and comes with different zoom varient like  20X to 40X, 60X-120x  zoom. 

It has two focus knobs for a clear, bright image. 

Unlike our traditional microscope, this microscope does not require objects to be put on a slide to view them 

This allowed us to view thick and opaque objects that would not be possible to look at under a regular microscope.

The small size and cordless design makes the MicroBrite pocket microscope ideal for viewing all type of objects.

It comes with 2 blank specimen slides, stand, and batteries (3 AG-13). 

We tested the microscope with a variety of objects, and were surprised by the quality of the results.