By- Ritesh Kumar

The Last of Us Episode 3 - Review

Jan 30, 2023

Episode 3 of The Last of Us strays from the path in its first major deviation from the story told in the game. 

In doing so, it beautifully tells a story of romance found in a seemingly hopeless place in a relatively action-free chapter 

It’s a masterful hour of television, displaying everything the adaptation strives for at its best. 

While the series’ overall story follows Joel and Ellie, this chapter belongs firmly to Bill and Frank.  

We first meet the former in a relatively lighthearted sequence as Nick Offerman's Bill channels his inner Kevin McAllister in preparing a trap-laden compound. 

He seems content, if not fulfilled by his solitary life, not knowing that he’s about to find love in the most unlikely of places - the bottom of a ditch.