Mark Sanchez can't escape Tom Brady.

During his career in the AFC East, the former New York Jets quarterback was often trounced by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

“I guess thanks for ruining the trajectory of my career for the second time, Tom,” Sanchez said.  

“I get drafted to the guy’s division, now he’s gotta come to FOX and ruin everything here. I can’t get away from the guy. 

“Obviously I’m saying that in jest. He’s the man, he’s the best of all time and I’m fired up to have him. "

"That’s pretty cool. Hopefully, he doesn’t get too annoyed with the hazing we put him through as a rookie here at FOX. It’s going to be rough for him.” 

"He's like the 5th string analyst. Don't worry about it.," one fan wrote. "Okay good. Go Brady Go.." one fan added.

Sanchez appears to be handling things pretty well right now, at least.