Jessie James Decker came through to defend her children, who were subjected to criticism and shame for their bodies.  

Decker family was on vacation in Mexico where Jessie posted a picture of her daughter Vivianne Rose, 8, and sons Eric Jr., 7, and Forrest, 4, posing together at the beach.

The three children were in bathing suits, showing off their well-defined abs. The image was captioned: “Vacation Decker style.”

Now, Jessie James Decker has slammed people who have been commenting on her children's bodies, claiming them to be unnatural. 

Netizens flocked to the image, bringing up Photoshop theories that the country singer was quick to shut down. 

Several people seemed to have an opinion on how children are supposed to look.

And when they saw Decker's three children on vacation in Mexico, they could not fathom their appearance and let their mother know by questioning her. 

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