The Heisman Trophy-contending quarterback is getting applauded for what he did after the loss to Michigan on Saturday afternoon.

Despite the bitter loss, Stroud was seen hanging around to sign autographs and take pictures with Buckeye fans after the game.  

That included what looked to be posing for a photo with a young Buckeye fan, Saturday Tradition reports. 

"I don’t think anyone questioned him as a person. Hell, I don’t question him as a player. This game was not on players, got out coached…agai," one fan wrote. 

"I do really like CJ. I don’t think that loss is on him, he just won’t be remembered the same as guys like Haskins, Fields, and Barrett, a fan wrote.

"Best of luck to him at the next level. Go make OSU fans proud," another fan added. 

"He walked the full line of waiting fans. I was one of the first to get a pic with him," another fan wrote.

'Class kid no matter what," one fan added.