Ranking the 49ers’ free agency plays… so far

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Here’s the thing about the early part of NFL free agency: it’s “won” by bad teams.

Good teams don’t have a lot of money to spend on big free agents. They are too busy re-signing their own winning players.

So congratulations to the Panthers, who are singers left and right.

The 49ers are not in such a position.

Still, they made two newsworthy signings and brought back two unrestricted free agents.

Some talent also came out. Here are my scores (and overall score) on the Niners’ free agency so far:

Signed: Javon Hargrave (DT)

Serie B

Hargrave fits the mold of the 49ers’ pass-rusher in a T. I have some questions about his run-interrupting ability — a more significant question for the Niners on defensive offense — but he’s an unquestionable upgrade in a position of great need.

The Niners are at it for today, and adding Hargrave – 30 – to an early deal is a clear symbol of that.

Here’s my biggest concern: the structure of the contract.

The Niners gave Hargrave a four-year deal with two seasons voided at the end. This is common practice for salary cap manipulation these days.

But tomorrow will come eventually, and this deal has no obvious exit route. For a defensive tackle on your third team, whose value is based off the line of scrimmage, this could be a big problem down the road.

The Niners have not learned the lesson of the Dee Ford contract. In all likelihood, they will eventually have to eat a huge dead money bill.

It will be worth it if Hargrave helps this team win the Super Bowl. But it better be an obvious success from day one, because days 600 or more are cost prohibitive.

Signed: Sam Darnold (QB)

Grade: C

The 49ers had to add a quarterback this offseason, if only to correct last season’s mistake of needing four. Add in Brock Purdy’s injured elbow and there was too much uncertainty not to bolster the room.

But does Sam Darnold reinforce the room?

The Niners are paying Darnold $3.5 million, guaranteed, to, in theory, be third string and push Lance early in training camp.

This is a recovery project for both parties. Darnold wants to prove he can still play in this league and hopes Kyle Shanahan’s offense will unlock his potential.

Perhaps he should pay the Niners.

Unfortunately, Shanahan wants a head-high, drama-free quarterback, but he doesn’t want to pay the starting money.

But given that Darnold’s issues weren’t scheme-related and Shanahan doesn’t have a great track record with quarterbacks from projects in San Francisco (Lance, Josh Rosen, CJ Beathard), this arrangement seems odd.

Of course, ideally Darnold only plays a few preseason games and is traded for a Day 2 draft pick before the season starts.

That’s when the Niners are going to sign Matt Ryan, right?

Resigned: Jake Brendel (C)

Grade A

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