Warriors star carries hopes for NBA Finals


SAN FRANCISCO — Donte DiVincenzo was a Stephen Curry hater before this season.

It was nothing personal, he guarantees. It was resentment born of respect. Curry’s quickness and skill causes problems for even the most die-hard defenders in the league. That’s why teams often double or triple it just to try and slow it down.

“I really didn’t like him when he wasn’t here. I had to chase him all over the court,” DiVincenzo said. “He was quiet, I didn’t understand anything about him… but when I got here, he’s amazing.”

After years of cowering in fear whenever Curry fired a shot, now DiVincenzo watches in awe and reaps the rewards.

“It’s fun to watch,” he said of his teammate’s sweet kick. “Sometimes I’m looking at some of the shots and I’m like, ‘There’s no way’ and they don’t even hit the rim. Every time it leaves his hand, I feel good.”

Curry showed no signs of taking his foot off the gas in his 14th season in the NBA. He’s still longing for the Warriors to pick up the necessary wins amidst a subpar title defense. But with the postseason on the horizon and Golden State’s spot not yet secured, the question arises: Can Curry, who turned 35 on Tuesday, do his heaviest lift?

Curry set out to do what few could. He and the rest of the Warriors are looking for their fifth title in nine years. The Warriors have yet to win more than five straight games this season. The NBA world is waiting for them to make a run, but with 13 games left, that seems unlikely to happen this regular season.

Still, the Warriors maintain that when healthy and complete, no team has a chance against them in a seven-game series. The Warriors will need Curry to do his best if they want to turn his words into action in the postseason.

All signs point to Curry being able to do just that.

Curry was able to extend his prime into his 30s because of his ever-changing year-round training regimen.

Coach Steve Kerr praised Curry as “the best conditioned athlete I’ve ever seen in the NBA”.

Even better than Michael Jordan? It seems so.

“There is simply no one who combines the work ethic with the skill set and the ability to put it all together in this package of incredible strength and speed” like Curry, Kerr said.

Curry has missed a month of action due to injuries twice this season. He partially dislocated his shoulder in December and damaged two ligaments in his leg in February.

Despite the significant layoffs, Curry hasn’t missed a beat on any of his returns.

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