They charged us for having dinner at their place

miss manners

DEAR MISS MANNERS: About once a month we go out to dinner with another couple and we always have a great time. We tend to order more or less the same things – a drink each, no desserts unless it’s a special occasion – so we just split the bill.

We were surprised but okay with it when they suggested we eat at their place next time instead of going out. We all cook very creatively during the pandemic and I volunteered to host next time.

We had a good meal – but they told us what our share of the cost would be! I’m appalled that our friends are so stingy as to charge us for eating in their own house. We thought they were close friends!

KIND READER: Evidently they are close. Or maybe just confused.

There is indeed a big difference between a restaurant and a home. Or rather, there should be. But the habit of eating in commercial establishments has almost erased the meaning of private hospitality.

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