Your demands make me worried about sharing an apartment

DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend of many years recently approached me about becoming her roommate. Although I agreed, I’m starting to regret it.

She is making it very difficult for us to find a place to rent due to the sheer number of restrictions she is placing on our search. We couldn’t find anything within our price range that matches your list of essentials, from office proximity to desired room size. It seems the more we research, the harder it is for us to agree on anything.

I don’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings by telling her I don’t think it’s going to work, but I also don’t want to regret my decision in the future. I would like to continue my apartment search without her.

How should I handle this without hurting our friendship?


DEAR CHANGING: The best thing you can do is sort this out now, before you sign a contract.

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