Is Playoff Jimmy the only answer left for the Heat in the play-in/playoff race? – News from Mercury


Q: Well, well, Jimmy Butler single-handedly beat the Cavaliers. Not quite alone, perhaps. yet he was the one who made the Heat win – Roland, Borrego Springs, California.

A: And while he denied during his post-game media session that he activated his Playoff Jimmy mode, it seems evident that Jimmy Butler feels that what he can normally provide in April, May and beyond is what is needed right now. With the Nets also winning on Friday, it doesn’t get any easier for the Heat as they now play the second night of a straight set against a fresh Magic roster. But for the Heat to make the playoffs, it might take Playoff Jimmy and beyond. Even on Friday, with Butler at his best, it was still harrowing in the end. The Heat have a certain degree of talent. What they don’t have is a 1A other than Jimmy when it comes to closes. So basically Defcon Butler or bust.

Q: The best move of the night was “get him to open!” about five times to open Jimmy Butler on that possession. – Nat.

A: Yes, we have reached that part of our schedule. Now it will be interesting to see what Jimmy Butler can do on the second straight night, with Saturday in Orlando capping off the first of the Heat’s remaining four straight sets.

Q: Ira, Omer Yurtseven replaced Bam Adebayo last season and against five starters he averaged a double-double. I believe that should give him the opportunity to play now, regardless of how Cody Zeller is playing. So what will it take for Erik Spoelstra to give him an opportunity to show what he can do and I don’t mean cleanup time? Your thoughts? —Brent, Wellington.

The AI ​​covers this team from two perspectives, but mostly based on what I believe Erik Spoelstra will do, and Erik’s approach has consistently been to trust the veteran. At this point, that means Cody Zeller throws himself out of the rotation. From a right/fair perspective, I believe that right/fair goes out the window when every game is extremely important. If Omer Yurtseven had returned a month earlier, I believe it would have been easier to work him back. At this intersection, there’s no more time for an approach worth taking a chance on.


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