Why would I banish a family member because he is a dog?

miss manners

DEAR MISS MANNERS: There is a debate among a local group about the responsibilities of a dog owner when organizing an event in their home.

One faction says, “My dogs are part of my family, so they will interact with guests.” Another faction says, “As a host, your responsibility is to your guests first, so your dog must be in a kennel or outside.”

My own thinking is that our dogs are part of the family, but that we have a responsibility to train them in at least basic ways (such as “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “put down”). Also, if I invite someone over who hasn’t been to my home previously, it’s my responsibility to tell them about the dogs so they can decline if they have allergies or are uncomfortable around dogs.

I believe I understand my responsibilities as a dog owner, but I’m not sure of them as a host.

KIND READER: For Miss. Boas Maneiras, it seems that you have changed that: that is, that you know your responsibilities as a hostess (taking care of the comfort of your guests), but not those of having a pet (teaching good manners in the family).

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