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Los Gatos is getting a new luxury furniture store later this year, replacing two businesses that closed their doors this month.

Sur la Table closed its Los Gatos location at 23 University Ave. on March 2nd. The Seattle-based luxury kitchen goods store declared bankruptcy in 2020 and closed more than 50 of its stores.

The Los Gatos location managed to survive the pandemic, but decided to close its doors for good after luxury furniture store Arhaus bought them out of its lease, as did neighboring Banana Republic.

“It was definitely fast. Arhaus wanted to start the remodel and they will occupy all three spaces – Banana Republic Men’s, Women’s and Sur la Table,” said Catherine Somers, executive director of the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce.

Arhaus is planning a grand opening before the end of the year. The Los Gatos store will be the seventh in California.

Los Gatos also lost its Pharmaca store at 54 N Santa Cruz Ave. last month, when the drugstore chain closed all 22 California stores after Walgreens acquired Medly Health, Pharmaca’s parent company, for $19.35 million.

Several other new businesses have opened this year or are planned to open soon in downtown Los Gatos.

Leafy, a plant shop, opened at 3 N. Santa Cruz Ave., and Petals Creamery, a specialty ice cream and confectionery shop, opened at 5 N. Santa Cruz.

Ethos, a low-waste home goods store, will open on March 11 at 59 N. Santa Cruz. The Los Gatos location is nearly three times the size of the store’s first location in Capitola.

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