The mother was upset when I objected to the child’s behavior

DEAR ABBY: I am 24 years old, married and have no children. I don’t consider myself nervous when I’m around children, but when they’re in my house or car, shouldn’t I be allowed to ask them to stop what they’re doing wrong without the mother getting upset?

My neighbor and I ride twice a week to our dance classes. Her son was head over heels in the backseat with his shoes leaving marks on my back window. When I asked the child to take her feet out of the window, her mother, to my surprise, announced that next time she would drive her own car, which she I was uncomfortable and “expected my future children to be perfect”! She also commented that I am the same way at my house.

Abby, was I wrong not to let you go when I was uncomfortable in my car?


DEAR DIRTY: No, you weren’t wrong. In case you forgot, children are required by law to wear seat belts (or sit in a car seat) when in a moving vehicle. In your car and at home, your rules must prevail.

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