‘Dilbert’ will return on Scott Adams’ subscription service

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Dilbert is coming back. At least in a different sense.

Scott Adams, the comic book creator who was dismissed by hundreds of publications after his recent racist comments, tweeted that “Dilbert Reborn” will be released exclusively on their subscription site on March 13th.

Adams told the Washington Post that the initial strips will show Ratbert’s character “as a ‘context-removal editor’ at a media outlet that spoofs newspapers like the Post.”

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On Sunday, the cartoonist broadcast live drawing the new strips on a tablet, where he said he was illustrating the “origin story of Dilbert Reborn”. It shows the strip’s Garbage Man character coming to collect the ashes – possibly Dilbert’s – and asking another character, “How did he die?”

Dogbert, in what Adams called “the understatement of the year,” replies, “It’s a long story.”

The Garbage Man then says “cryptically”, according to Adams, “Give me two hours”.

Dogbert adds, “Can you make him angrier this time?” like the final joke.

Since his comments, Adams has said on Twitter that he was only “advising people to avoid the hate” and has suggested that the cancellation of his cartoon indicates that free speech in America is under attack.

Dilbert is a graphic novel that largely satirizes cubicle office culture. Hundreds of newspapers across the country and Andrews McMeel Universal, the company that distributes “Dilbert”, dropped the comic after Adams’ offensive comments about black Americans sparked an uproar.

In a shocking YouTube rant, Adams effectively encouraged segregation, calling black Americans a “hate group” and suggesting that white people should “get the fuck out” of them.

Adams has been publishing on the “Locals” subscription platform since at least 2020, which he says is aimed at “open-minded people who enjoy learning about persuasion, politics and the operating code of reality while having a few laughs.” The minimum amount to be paid monthly is $7.

Adams’ comments came in response to a poll by the conservative firm Rasmussen Reports, which said 53% of black Americans agreed with the statement, “It’s OK to be white.”

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