William supported Harry and Meghan’s eviction and hopes they stay away


If King Charles found it “painful” to evict his renegade son and daughter-in-law from their royal home near Windsor Castle, he has received plenty of support from Prince William, his eldest son and heir, says a new report.

Charles’ decision to ask Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to vacate Frogmore Cottage was made “in partnership” with William, who “hates” Harry for revealing royal family secrets in his memoir “Spare”, according to The Daily Beast. William would also be happy if Harry and Meghan stayed away from Charles’ May coronation – a scenario that has become more likely now that the California-based Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been effectively kicked out of their UK base, The Daily Beast’s royal correspondent Tom Sykes also said.

“William won’t shed a tear if Harry doesn’t make it,” said an old friend of the brothers who were once close to The Daily Beast. “He feels totally betrayed by Harry. Relations have never been so bad and he hates him for what he has done to the family in books and interviews. He will support whatever decision his father makes, but it’s no secret that he would prefer it if (Harry) wasn’t there, or, indeed, never (set) foot in England again.”

This week’s news that Charles has terminated Harry and Meghan’s tenancy at Frogmore Cottage has created the latest royal uproar and shows the extent to which relations between the royal family and the Sussexes have reached an all-time low. With that action, Charles let Harry know he just doesn’t want him “around anymore”, whether it’s a loss of trust or just a matter of money, Sykes said.

“By anyone’s standards, getting to the point where you kick your own child off family land is a significant milestone,” added Sykes. “But it is an apt marker of the staggering extent of the bitterness that paved the road of resentment and division that Harry and his family continue to travel.”

A Sussex source said it was “cruel punishment” for Charles to evict his son from his home, which is part of the Crown Estate and leased to them by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2019. Sussex supporters see revenge in the king’s decision, in measure reportedly taken shortly after the publication of Harry’s book, which also alleged that a conniving Queen Camilla planted negative stories in the UK media about Harry to improve her public image.

“This is not just some random rental that they keep for convenience,” a source close to the couple tells journalist friend Omid Scobie, who sometimes acts as a spokesman, the Daily Beast reported. “All the drawers are full, all the cupboards are full… It’s a real family home.”

Sussex supporters also point to the fact that Harry and Meghan invested heavily in Frogmore Cottage and returned the roughly $2.9 million it cost to help refurbish the dilapidated house, which was previously divided into apartments for staff. of Windsor Castle. More importantly, Frogmore’s location in the gated grounds of Windsor Castle means it offered a high degree of security for Harry and his family, who lost state-funded police protection when they left royal life in 2020.

But royal fans applauded Charles’ decision, saying it was the least the king could do, considering Harry has been deeply disloyal to his family and even a traitor to his country. The decision should go a long way toward dispelling the notion that Charles is weak or overindulgent with his son, the Daily Beast said.

They also say Harry and Meghan shouldn’t be shocked that Charles wants them out of Frogmore Cottage, given his accession speech the day after Elizabeth II’s death. He expressed his love for Harry and Meghan “as they continue to build their lives abroad”. A royal source told the Daily Beast that such a statement should be seen as a recommendation from Charles to stay away from the UK. “You would think they would get the hint by now,” the source said.

A new poll released on Thursday showed that more than half of Britons support the eviction, with one in three saying the decision was “completely fair” and 49% saying it should have happened sooner, the Daily Mail reported. Six in 10 of the 1,000 adults polled also expect Harry and Meghan to try to use the eviction to garner sympathy.

Royal supporters point out that Harry and Meghan lived in Frogmore Cottage just six months before they left the UK. It is also widely known that they have only worn it a handful of times over the past three years, most notably when attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June and staying in the UK for 10 days to attend her funeral services.

“The pair are now based in Los Angeles, so it could be that the royal family are simply trying to reallocate that space to someone who will use it more,” a spokesperson for polling agency One Poll told the Daily. Correspondence.

Charles is indeed under pressure to reduce royal spending in light of Britain’s cost of living crisis, the Daily Beast and other media have said. That means he wants to “downsize the royal estate” by eliminating the number of palaces and other large houses his family occupies. A friend of the king told The Daily Beast: “It’s not a good look for a house to be empty so it can accommodate Harry and Meghan once in a blue moon.”

Changes in royal administration and households since the Queen’s death have also resulted in a royal residential change. Among other things, Charles must find a residence for his disgraced younger brother, Prince Andrew, whose forced retirement from royal duties means he can no longer afford the upkeep of his 30-room mansion, Royal Lodge, which is also nearby. . Windsor Castle.

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