Trump drops second lawsuit against New York attorney general



Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday dropped a second lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) related to her office’s fraud investigation into its business practices.

A voluntary termination stipulation signed by Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, and a lawyer in James’ office has been filed with a federal appeals court in Manhattan. No reason was given for the withdrawal.

Trump first filed the lawsuit in federal court in Syracuse, NY, alleging that James was violating his rights and those of his company by pursuing a politically motivated investigation. After a judge in May found “no evidence” that James had acted with bias, Trump appealed the decision.

Tuesday’s withdrawal of that appeal was the second time in five days that Trump has abandoned litigation against James, who is suing Trump for $250 million. He accuses the former president, three of his adult children and executives at his company of flagrantly manipulating the valuation of properties and other assets to trick creditors, insurance brokers and tax authorities into granting them better rates on bank loans and policies. insurance and reduce your taxes. liabilities.

On Friday, Trump – who announced a run for the presidency in 2024 – withdrew a separate lawsuit filed in Florida that sought to bar James’ scrutiny of his revocable trust. A one-page filing in a federal district court also provided no reason for this withdrawal.

Days earlier, US District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks fined Trump and Habba nearly $1 million in what was considered a frivolous lawsuit filed against his 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton and others.

In his 46-page judgment, Middlebrooks cited the lawsuit against James as one that demonstrated “a pattern of abuse of the courts” by Trump.

New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron has set an October trial date for James’ main civil lawsuit against Trump.

The suit, which could harm the Trump Organization’s ability to do business in New York, accuses the family-owned real estate, golf resort and hospitality business of willfully misleading creditors, insurance agents and tax agencies to obtain preferential lending rates and reduce its tax obligations. using fake asset valuation values ​​from 2011 to 2021.

Trump’s lawsuit that was dropped last week in Florida alleged that James had “repeatedly abused his position as attorney general of the state of New York to seek revenge against President Trump” – an allegation similar to what Trump claimed in the case. from New York. withdrawal Tuesday.

Middlebrooks, in his judgment published on Thursday, wrote that Trump is a “prolific and sophisticated litigator who is repeatedly using the courts to exact revenge on political opponents.”

“He is the mastermind of the strategic abuse of the judicial process and cannot be seen as a litigator who blindly follows the advice of an attorney. He knew all too well the impact of his actions,” Middlebrooks wrote. “As such, I think sanctions should be imposed on Mr. Trump and his top lawyer, Ms. Habba.”

Trump, Habba and law firm Habba Madaio & Associates are jointly and severally liable for $937,989.39, the court concluded.

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