Juicy J’s Gangsta Boo Tribute Video Cut Out From Funeral

juicy j gangsta boo tribute funeral

juicy j tribute video he made for Gangsta Boo’s Last weekend’s funeral was reportedly cut from the service due to technical difficulties.

grim tribute videos baby champions co-host DJ EFN Y yelawolf were also interrupted, according to tmz Hip Hop, and was completely out of play at serve in Southaven, Mississippi on Saturday (January 14).

In Juicy’s video, he can be seen sitting in the studio as he pays his respects to the “Queen of Memphis,” who He passed away on January 1 at the age of 43.

“Rest in peace to the Queen of Memphis Lola Mitchell aka Gangsta Boo,” Juicy said in her blackout video. “Prayers are with the family, the friends, the fans. We lost a big one, man. I’m a little short for words. It took me a long time to make this video. I miss the Gangsta Boo smile. Gangsta Boo and I had a conversation two months ago.”

He continued, “We did a show together and had a great conversation. We talk about the old days. We talk about family, friends, music. Rest in peace, man, we lost the Queen of Memphis. She will not be forgotten. I’m going to keep her name here. I will keep the music alive. Prayers above.”

In Yelawolf’s video, he said that Gangsta Boo “meant the world to all of us” and that “she was family.”

“We are going to miss her so much,” said the Tennessee-raised rapper. “We had a relationship that only she and I could talk about. A friendship, a bond, we spoke often. Not often enough.

The video is then interrupted by a truck horn, which Yelawolf laughed at and said was probably Gangsta Boo.

As for EFN, he kept his video short and sweet by saying that the first three 6 mob member had been eager to appear in baby champions but he never had an ego about it, and that he will always appreciate the conversation they had on their podcast.

Co-founder of Three 6 Mafia dj paulwho suffered some criticism for missing Gangsta Boo’s funeral, posted a video of a different nature to his social media on Sunday morning (January 15).

The native of Memphis rejected those who criticized his relationship with Booand said he paid for the whole funeral, though TMZ hip hop reported that it only covered a part of the costs.

la chat lost and hurt over gangsta boo death

La Chat says she is ‘lost and hurt’ by the death of her ‘sister’ Gangsta Boo

“Let me explain something to all of you bitches out there who have a say about me not going to Boo’s funeral,” he began. “N-gga, I paid for the funeral, hoe! I’m on a fucking tour and even if I wasn’t, I don’t do funerals, nigga!

“Last time I was at a funeral, it was nothing but a bunch of black fucking groupies on that muthafucka. Boo I know how much I loved her, I know how much she loved me, n-gga. I have nothing to prove to any of you punk-ass, groupie-ass n-ggas out there.”

Paul went on to remind haters that if it wasn’t for him, many wouldn’t have even been aware of Gangsta Boo’s talents.

“I wouldn’t be nothing more than four or five motherfuckers in there if it wasn’t for what I created. N-gga, what I created,” she said. “The teenager I found. I’m the one who wrote the ‘Where Dem Dollas At’ hook, n-gga. I’m the one who was writing and producing that shit.

“Yeah, he did his verses, he did some hooks. Juicy was doing beats, he was doing hooks. But I figured her out, n-gga! I went to school with her, she went to school with me.”

According to FOX 13 Memphis, Gangsta Boo (real name Lola Mitchell) was found dead around 4:00 pm local time on January 1 in her hometown of Memphis. The cause of her death has yet to be confirmed, although authorities said there were no signs of foul play.

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