Former Miss Canada Siera Bearchell denounces pageants and trolls

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Siera Bearchell talked about the contests and the online hare on Instagram.  (Photo via NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Siera Bearchell opened up about contests and online hate on Instagram. (Photo via NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Sierra Bearchell she is opening up about the hate she received in the spotlight.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old former Miss Universe Canada took to Instagram to discuss pageants, trolls and body shaming with her 174,000 followers.

In the post, the beauty pageant winner shared photos of herself competing in Miss Universe along with examples of derogatory comments she received about her body in the caption.

“Fat. Whale. Miss Piggy. Obese. Disgusting. I will never forget the thousands of comments thrown at me. People from all over the world trying to tell me that my body was not worthy of stepping on the Miss Universe stage,” she said. wrote. “The other contestants then posted themselves eating donuts and saying they would have qualified if they ‘were fat like Miss Canada’.”

However, the model and businesswoman did not let hate stop her from being an advocate for body positivity Y self-love.

“I got over the hate to share that size is not a measure of value. Size is not a measure of leadership. And size certainly is not a measure of who you are as a person,” the mother of two said. explained. I am forever grateful for him [Miss Universe] organization for believing that beauty is beyond size.

Bearchell went on to thank the competition judges for placing her “in the Top [nine] among 86 countries,” which is Canada’s highest and only ranking in 10 years.

“Let this be your cue to believe in yourself, even when others don’t,” he said. concluded.

On her Instagram story, the law graduate revealed that she is “on the fence” about leaving pageant content behind, referencing an Instagram live where the Calgary-based content creator said that “Miss Universe has never crowned a woman above a certain size”.

“This is completely true and all you have to do is google ‘Miss Universe Crownings’ and you will see that there is not a single woman over a size 4/6. It is what it is. People have completely twisted what I said and They are taking it as a criticism of the past headline,” he said. explained.

Bearchell added that she’s tired of the constant negativity, which is starting to wear on her, while sharing another cruel comment calling her “disgusting” and “not an inspiration.”

Siera Bearchell's Instagram story.  (Photo via Instagram/sierabearchell)

Siera Bearchell’s Instagram Story. (Photo via Instagram/sierabearchell)

“I’m so tired of trolls and so-called sympathizers trying to bring people down. I’m so thankful for the support out there. Sometimes the criticism is too much and overwhelming,” the activist said. written. “…trying to let go of what I can’t control,” she said. aggregate in another story

In the comments on her post, fans rushed to Bearchell’s side, calling her “an inspiration.”

“You paved the way, thank you for your voice”, commented a follower

“You’re an inspiration to the underdog too! And you’ll always be a queen to us!” shared someone else.

“I started following you because I finally felt someone was real and it’s been an honor ever since.” aggregate other.

“You are powerful and beautiful and your body is a mere part in the big picture! You, my friend, are a true example.” wrote a fan.

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