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Box Office ‘Wakanda Forever’ Exceeds $300 Million, ‘Strange World’ Previews $800,000

 Please allow for some saltiness in the early numbers and days 3 and 5 as the forecast is always off at this time of Thanksgiving.Disney/Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is yesterday and $50 million Outlook for Wednesday to Sunday. but, strange world, As we thought, it fell short of the $30 million projection and $23 million to $27 million Including the notice, today is roughly like this $4.5 million To $5 million for that animated movie. charm Last year’s opening day was $7.6 million. Apparently strange world I filled in the early matinee gaps with charm, And hopefully the momentum continues.

Sony and Black Label Media dedication Watching in 3,405 theaters $1.7 million today $9M-$10M 3rd place for 5 days in a row.of the searchlight I have a quote $ 1,000,000 on wednesday $6M-$8M 5 days or more.

Janelle Monae as Andy and Kathryn Hahn as Claire in ‘Glass Onion: Knife Out Mystery’ Courtesy of Netflix

John Wilson/Netflix

We are currently hearing irregular reports of: Glass Onion: A Knife Out MysterySome have it ahead of all the fresh adult counter programming in pre-sales, some don’t.

Wednesday morning: It wasn’t that people didn’t go to the cinema yesterday heading into Thanksgiving: Disney/Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever make $9.5 million Ryan Coogler-directed sequel crosses three centuries in 4,258 theaters Tuesday $303.7 millionthen becoming the seventh film to cross that threshold this year Top Gun: Maverick, Mad Multiverse Doctor Strange, Jurassic World: Dominion, Minions: Rise of Gru, Batman When Thor: Love and Thunder.

But last night I didn’t get all my excitement from watching the Disney Animation trailer. strange world, Like we said, this isn’t great for the holiday stretch. strange world just did $800,000This is arguably the worst Disney Thanksgiving theatrical release in the days when movie theaters were doing early previews.it’s almost half charm did for $1.5 million in previews a year ago on Tuesday, and it was then that fears of a pandemic rose among moviegoers. His 5-day start of over $30 million strange world With 4,174 theaters, we calculated that the weekend was the third Wakanda Forever, It tends to exceed $50 million Wednesday through Sunday.audience score on strange world It currently has a low 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, but only from 50 reviews.

Wakanda ForeverTuesday saw a 36% increase over Monday, making it the third-highest weekday (non-Friday) after selling $11.1 million and $12.6 million on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.


THE MENU, provided by Searchlight.

Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures/Everett Collection

of the searchlight menu yesterday was second $1.3 million Across 3,228 venues, it increased 26% on Monday, totaling $11.3 million to $3,211 for the fifth straight day. While A24 Midsummer – Here are some good genre comps menu- Anya Taylor-Joy’s films, directed by Mark Myrod, are 4% of Ari Aster’s films in the first five days.

Fathom event and Angel Studio’s Chosen One: Season 3 Posted $1.02 millioncurrent total -19% from Monday $11 million.

Newline/DC black adam was 4th on Tuesday $690,000 3,372 locations, cumulative +17% $158.3 millionThe Dwayne Johnson movie can be owned digitally for $24.99 or rented for 48 hours via PVOD for $19.99. On January 3rd, the film will be released on his DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K.

5th place is Universal’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts romantic comedy, TICKETS TO PARADISE, Had made $490,000 In 3,268 theaters, +22% total from Monday $62.4 millionYou can already see this photo on PVOD.



Black Label Media war film distributed by Sony dedication make $615,000 in 2,982 theaters that opened at 6 p.m. This number beats the numbers from Thursday’s preview of Focus Features. Black KK Clansman It made $3.6 million on Friday and $600,000 before it opened at $10.8 million, but that was at a very different time, the late summer of 2018, pre-pandemic. $8 million in 5 days.

Bones and All | Official Trailer | MGM Studios


Broad and extended preview of United Artists Releasing bones and all Did it $345,000 Head to 2,700 theaters today.All five days, except for previews, genre pictures directed by Luca Guadagnino were made $146.7K From five theaters in New York and Los Angeles. Single-digit five-day takes are expected.

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